Where can I find Design Sofa products?2018-06-18T13:26:40+00:00

– Visit our store:

– On the product pages of the websites www.designsofa.eu

Can a decorator visit my place?2018-06-18T13:26:29+00:00

Design Sofa decorators offer their services in case you need a decorative solution for your living room. They will offer you the ideal solution according to your wishes and budget. Just bring us the floor plan of your space.

Payment methods?2018-06-18T13:26:19+00:00

• 50% deposit with your order and payment before shipment.
• With your credit, debit or prepaid card.

Can I order from Design Sofa online or by phone?2018-06-18T13:26:14+00:00

• By phone, yes. Call nnn.nnn.nnnnn
• Electronically via e-mail.
• Visit our website www.designsofa.eu to view our products.

Is there a shipping charge?2018-06-18T13:26:09+00:00

We operate as a factory station. You buy at wholesale prices and there is a small shipping charge.

How long do “Design Sofa” sofas deliver?2018-06-18T13:26:03+00:00

Relatively fast. Delivery time for sofas is 15 to 30 days. A few days before the specified delivery date, we contact you to make an appointment for the exact delivery day and time.

What are the dimensions of “Design Sofa” sofas?2018-06-18T13:25:54+00:00

“Design Sofa”‘s sofas are available in many different dimensions. Find your favorite design and choose the right dimension for your space. You can order the dimensions you want!

How can I clean the fabric of my sofa?2018-06-18T13:25:43+00:00

• Water repellent fabrics do not absorb spills. In the case of spilled liquid, the drops are simply collected on the surface of the cloth. This initial – hydrophobicity facilitates cleaning to a great extent. Just wipe the spot with a cloth, even in the case of problematic stains of coffee or wine.

• Easy Clean fabrics have an advanced protection system that makes it easy to clean all stains without damaging the structure of the fabric. Easy Clean technology helps clean all stains only with water or with water and clean soap, without the use of special chemicals.

Stains such as food stains, damp spots, hand stains, lipstick stains can easily be cleaned in just 3 simple cleaning steps:

Remove the dirt with a spoon
Put some water on the stain and pass with kitchen towels
Allow to dry

If you have not purchased a “Design Sofa” sofa with a “soft” fabric, then you have the following options:
• Call a qualified cleaning crew.
• Clean yourself with special sprays.
• Put it in a washing machine if it is washed at 30 degrees. Be careful! Put all pieces of cloth together to avoid creating color differences.

How are the parts of a sofa Design Sofa connected?2018-06-18T13:25:33+00:00

Watch the video below.

Can I order an extra cover for my sofa?2018-06-18T13:25:27+00:00

For all models with a removable cover, you can order any additional cover you want.

How can I choose the right fabric?2018-06-18T13:25:15+00:00

Very easily. With the advice of our decorator you can choose from a wide range of 400 different fabrics with special features.

From what materials are Design Sofa’s sofas made?2018-06-18T13:24:55+00:00

The frame of our sofas

All of our frames are dried, to prevent septic-dye and insect attacks. Desiccant woods in addition to certified wood purity by pathogenic agents also increase its mechanical strength. The frames are tied with metal connectors to absorb expansion and contraction, and are woven with 10cm belts. You have a 10 year warranty on our frame.

Back and seat cushions

The backrest pads are filled with silicone and sewn in successive points to have immediate restoration. The base cushions are made of Austrian-made and manufactured foams with a 4-year written guarantee.

What is the guarantee of Design Sofa’s products?2018-06-18T13:24:48+00:00

Design Sofa’s couches and sofas are produced using modern methods – with the use of certified materials – and their quality and reliability are guaranteed by a 10 year warranty for the frame and 4 years for the foamed pillow parts.

Where are Design Sofa’s sofas made?2018-06-18T13:24:42+00:00

“Design Sofa”’s sofas are manufactured in Bulgaria. In the largest and most modern factory with a large production capacity of sofas.